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So Dave and I have been running Brompton Food Market for 14 months now and quite a 14 months it has been. From the first day when the sewer burst all over our brand new floor it’s been a rollercoaster ride.  We feel like we are now embedded in the local community and have become a place that locals, tourists and worker drones have come to enjoy. We love it here and we hope you do too.

Speaking of community….. we have been offered the opportunity to acquire a local pub – The Hour Glass on Brompton Road – more or less next to Bibendum, towards Knightsbridge. It’s the kind of pub that everyone has wondered into but no one can name. ‘What the little one, really long and thin – on that corner?’ says everyone. Yep. That one.

hour glass


Our builders are in – we have gutted the first floor and added a kitchen and dining room and we are tidying up the pub downstairs – we very much are keeping the identity – it is an important old London boozer and we want to keep it that way. We are stripping out the crap that has built up over the last 80 years and letting the original features shine. This is not another paint by numbers gastro pub – we are using the same design team as we used for BFM to create something beautiful, timeless and appropriate. The nicest thing that people say about BFM is that it feels like it has been there forever. That’s what we want to replicate with The Hour Glass.

We will be looking for a General Manager to take complete control of the pub and a 28 cover restaurant and a Head Chef to work in conjunction with the GM and me to come up with and action a fantastic pub menu. We have the best suppliers in the country and the menu will be simple and seasonal and ingredients led. The will be no foams. There will be gravy. There will be lots of bar snacks.

We offer competitive salaries and the opportunity to join a dynamic, young food company. There is also a stunning brand new 1 bed flat taking over the whole second floor for the manager – quite a perk in South Ken.

If you are an exceptional pub manager, a sous chef at an great pub or restaurant and want to start out on your own, or a head chef looking for a new challenge email me

We are also looking for Marketing/PR people who get us and what we are trying to do.

We will be opening towards the end of September and want key management positions in place in August.

You will be hearing a lot more about all this over the next few months so apologies…..





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