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We are very proud of our meat and fish at Brompton Food Market and are striving to be the best butcher and best fishmonger in South Kensington.

Our meat comes from several sources: our main supplier is a rare breed pig and cattle farmer in Thirsk, Yorkshire called Charles Ashbridge. Charles chose rare breed herds because these breeds are well suited to outdoor rearing and are naturally more resilient than the modern commercial animals. They mature at a slower rate than commercial breeds with a carefully controlled diet of natural ingredients ensuring that the flavour of the meat is enhanced.

Luke spent a day with Charles at the farm recently and was impressed by how well treated all of the animals are – more space than they need, an incredible diet and stress free slaughter. They are also, and this doesn’t affect the taste apparently, beautiful! We sell only rare breed cattle – from  Longhorn, Shorthorn, Belted Galloway, Dexter, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford or Red Poll. It is aged and cut specifically for us and has a depth of flavour that you might not be used to.

Our chickens and turkeys come from a farm just down the road from Charles – Ed  Wilkinson raises his free range birds on a diet of herbs from his aunt’s herb business. This produces a moist, firm, flavourful bird that tastes like chicken used to taste.

Our main meat suppliers are supplemented by our friend Romain who drives to France once a week and turns up on our doorstep with wares from markets all over France – beautiful little Anjou pigeons, Bresse chickens, garlicky Toulouse sausages and spicy merguez. He might pop in with a rabbit or a chicken terrine and also the most stunning mushrooms. He’s a good man!


All of our fish comes from the terrific people at Wing of St Mawes who have the best buyers in the business snapping up the best fish at Newlyn Market every morning. Dave and Luke spent a morning there – up at 4, done by 7 – it’s an amazing place and the fish is second to none. The crab and the wild line caught sea bass are two of our best sellers.


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